Our step by step to cleansing the energy in your home and attracting your heart’s desire.

As manifestation coaches, we are constantly improving our frameworks, vibrational living guidelines, and meditations to help you align with your heart’s desire.

The power of attracting all good things is in your hands, right now. No doubt about this.

Below, we are sharing with you the guidelines we personally use at our office and homes to energetically cleanse the space and welcome manifestations with our candles:

  1. DECLUTTER: Visual chaos slows down energy, cuts the flow, and basically creates stagnant energy. Get rid of clothes and objects that you don’t absolutely love or that do not represent where you want to go in life.

  2. WAIT FOR A PEACEFUL MOMENT: We like to wait until it feels right, which is usually when we feel our hearts and minds strongly connected and most at peace.

  3. PLAY MUSIC: Play happy Kundalini Music on Spotify. Kundalini Music includes mantras that help tune into positivity. 

  4. MAKE A GRATITUDE LIST: Write a gratitude list and thank the Universe for always putting you on the right path to your most genuine heart’s desire.

  5. ASK THE UNIVERSE! WRITE YOUR INTENTION: Write your intention on the back of the candle. By doing this, you are declaring your intention to the Universe. Thank the Universe for acknowledging it and for always committing to deliver with divine timing.

  6. OPEN A WINDOW: The negative energy will need somewhere to go!

  7. LIGHT UP THE CANDLE AND VISUALIZE LETTING GO: Light up the candle. As you start burning it, Imagine you are letting go of anger, stress, and negativity with every breath.

  8. SMUDGE YOUR WHOLE HOUSE: Walk around your house clockwise holding the candle. Slow down where you intuitively feel there’s more stagnant energy.

  9. LOOK AROUND FOR HAPPINESS: Look around your house. What brings you the most happiness? It can be a piece of furniture that makes you feel empowered, pictures of your loved ones, the palette of colors, anything really! 

  10. LOOK AROUND FOR WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK: Look around your house. Does anything recall a past experience or habit that you do not want to go back to? Say goodbye to every memory or pattern that you don’t want to play a part in your future. Lessons served a purpose, release them with love. The energy we hold on to is always manifested in our homes. It is important to let go internally, for unwanted energies to leave the home as well.

  11. RECALL JOYFUL MEMORIES AND DISPLAY THEM: As the candle burns, write a list of the joyful memories that you do not see represented in your house with pictures or objects but would like to recall every day. Add to the list some future happy memories you envision, as if it was part of the same list and it had already happened. Stick the list in the fridge or somewhere where you will see it often and thank the Universe for past and future happy memories altogether.

  12. EMBODY YOUR INTENTION: Visualize and embody your intention as a done deal as you burn the candle. Close your eyes and concentrate on your desired outcome. Do not focus on HOW it will happen! That is the job of the Universe. Alignment beats strategy every single time.

  13. IMAGINE YOU ARE BURNING THE CANDLE IN YOUR DREAM LIFE ENVIRONMENT: Imagine in your mind´s eye how in one blink of an eye the candle could change scenery to your dream life environment, whether that is a nicer home, having your dream job, a celebration, having your loved ones over for a wonderful meal, anything really! 

  14. BLOW OUT THE CANDLE AND THANK THE UNIVERSE: You can blow out the candle once you feel a deep relaxation within you. Thank the Universe, once more.

This exercise can last as long as you enjoy it, and you can repeat it as many times as you like with the same candle. Remember abundance starts first in the mind.

Sending high vibes that speak louder than words!

Your energy coaches @Magnificent.101