12 Laws of Manifestation

We have completely simplified the 12 laws that make manifestation possible and we love to share them with all of you. We are loving our high vibrational community!

Be sure to start using these laws because they will use you!

1. Law of vibration

Everything in the Universe holds a vibration.

If you look at anything with a powerful enough microscope, you will notice it vibrates. All solids are vibration atoms. Even ice cubes vibrate!
Everything in the Universe is energy, operating in a giant ball of energy! We live in a vibrational Universe. Every thought, feeling, emotion gives off a vibrational frequency. This law works closely with the Law of attraction. The vibrational frequency you emit from your thoughts, feelings, actions (your way of being pretty much) will be attracted back to you and mirrored in your reality.

To change things, change your vibration! 

Tip: Only create from an abundant state, not from scarcity and fear (because it will produce scarce results!).

2. Law of attraction

What you expect to manifest, is what you will manifest.


What you expect will happen, will happen and will be attracted to you. Like vibrations attract like vibrations. This is the most common law to manifestation that most people know that’s to the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

We are co-creators of our reality. Our job is the why and the what. Other forces are in charge of the when, where, and how.

Alignment over strategy, every single time.You are the only one living the consequences of not achieving your dreams. Criticism does not pay your bills.

Tip: Start to believe that your success is inevitable. Operate from this affirmation! Start by writing on your diary or notebook "My success is inevitable".

3. Law of action

Skyrocketing is possible when aligned action ideas come to you.

The law of attraction is real, but you still need to take physical, inspired action.

Aligned action is what will create the physical manifestation and quantum leaps. Inspired action takes effort like any other physical action, but it´s inspired. It feels fun, creative, natural. It feels like your intuition is guiding you there. It just felt like it came from within. What aligned action is your intuition leading to you now?

It’s never about forcing the action so it feels like resistance. Hussle is not action in manifestation.

Tip: Make the time when a need for inspired action comes to you. Pursue it. Your purpose is there and addressing will lead you to wild success.


4. Law of Oneness

We are all one and we are all one with the Universe.

We are the entire Universe expressing ourselves through human form. You are the universe so don’t play it small like you are not.

We are all co-creating with each other. If you want more of something, you cannot hate the people who have it. The fact that they have it is proof that you can have it too! It´s a sneak peak to what is coming for you. Can you think of any sneak peeks already?

Tip: How you show up for others is how others and your desires will show up for you.

5. Law of correspondence

Your inner world becomes a reflection of your outer world.


Everything you play internally will be reflected externally.
hat is in the projector is what will show up on the screen. Always start with changing your mindset. Focus on daily mind food!
Inspirational posts, books, podcasts, or any other that you find enriching and nourishing for the mind.
Tip: Always ask, how is this serving me? You will later connect the dots looking backward.

6. Law of karma or cause-effect

Everything always comes back to you.

By being the best version of you, you can trust that you will always be taken care of. If you continue doing the right thing, the Universe will pay you back. Karma can be instantaneous. Have you experienced how kindness comes back like a boomerang? If you are a more giving person, you will receive more, always.

The more blessings you get, the more you blessings you can continue to give!

Tip: Underpromising and overdelivering will always lead to extraordinary results.

7. Law of compensation

We must give value first.

This law relates to the Law of Cause and Effect but it is applied to the blessings and abundance that we receive. Help people get what they want!

Tip: If you want anything, help others get that too! If you want money, help others make money.

8. Law of perpetual transmutation of energy

Your energy will determine your outcomes. 

Manage your energy with full intention and avoid your emotions taking over you too often. Emotions only hold the amount of power that you want to give to them! All persons have within them the power to change the conditions of their lives. You have always been in control.

Tip: Higher vibrations consume and overwrite transform lower ones.

9. Law of relativity

Everyone will face challenges, tests, lessons that are in our path to teach us things.

This law allows us to learn that we need to put our problems into perspective to grow and that they are always serving us. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Life is always happening for you.

Tip: Challenges teach you lessons that are key to your life mission and success.

10. Law of polarity

You will always get what you do not want to gain clarity on what you want.

We can use this law to regain focus and know that we are experiencing something to allow us to focus on bigger and better things in our lives. Have you ever thought "I don´t want this in my life anymore, ever again"
Tip: Polarity creates clarity.


11. Law of rhythm

Nature is seasonal and cyclical. You cannot always work at maximum capacity. 


Think of your business and your life as a crop field. You cannot always work at max capacity because you cannot always be harvesting. You have to plant the seeds and wait through each season to see growth! Everything vibrates and moves to certain rhythms. These rhythms establish seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns. Each cycle reflects the regularity of God's Universe.

It´s normal to feel inspired one day and uninspired another day.

Tip: Sometimes you will have to take action and sometimes you will have to surrender.

12. Law of gender

Nature has both feminine and masculine energy.

Nature has both feminine and masculine energy. Masculine energy is all about the doing and feminine energy is all about surrendering and receiving. Divine Feminine energy is very giving, receptive, passive and inwards flowing. It is also creative, empathic, compassionate, collaborative and intuitive right-brained thinking. Divine Masculine energy is very taking, action oriented and outwards flowing. It is the power of will, determination and the conscious mind. It is intelligent, logical, rational and linear left-brained thinking, the ‘I’ in ‘I Am’. 

You need to have a balance of both feminine and masculine energy at different times of the cycle and use your intuition to know what energy you need to harness to be both.

Tip: Know how to use your intuition to tap into the energy that you need.


Thank you for reading and practicing our 12 Manifestation Laws. Know that you don’t need to hustle all the time. You are working with these laws and you are a part of something that is so much bigger than you so let it flow and stay in alignment. Be sure to start using these laws because they will use you!

Your coaches @Magnificent.101