Vision Board Kit

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  • INCLUDES LARGE 23x17" FENG SHUI VISION BOARD FOR ADULTS WITH THUMB TACKS —Create a harmonious bulletin board that displays your personal success vision. Place it in a space where you see it often and you will end up doing visualization exercises every day.
  • FILL IN THE BLANK PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION CARDS (9) —Created by specialists in cognitive and new thought psychology: Law of Attraction Guide, Fill in the Blank Motivational Journal Cards, Affirmation Cards, Dream Job Business Card, Bank check, Bank Statement, Plane Ticket, "Do not disturb" sign, Self-Help and Gratitude Words as Vision Board Supplies.
  • LIFE GOALS PICTURES (38) —Designed to generate emotions of having achieved goals and stimulate your subconscious mind to start to work tirelessly towards those goals. These Vision Board supplies will massively transform how you think and manifest. The Vision Board Party is on!
  • VISION BOARD EMBELLISHMENTS (8) —Get a unique combination of craft supplies to treasure. Carry them to recall good thoughts and speed up manifestation.
  • INCLUDES GRATITUDE ROCK (1) —What disappoints you the most, unfortunately, tends to dominate your thoughts and feelings. This special Gratitude Rock will help you break the cycle of default attraction and makes this Vision Board Kit the perfect gift for women, men and also couples.

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