Tin Candle House Cleansing, Sage + Lavender, 6 oz

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6 OZ AROMATHERAPY CANDLE: Nurture positivity with the scented sage candle for cleansing house, infused with sustainably sourced pure sage and lavender, it fosters spiritual hygiene, expelling the home's negative energy.

35-HOUR BURN TIME: Experience the long-lasting smudging and manifestation candle. With a burn time of 35 hours from 6 Oz, it's designed for prolonged, effective energy-cleansing sessions.

PORTABLE INTENTION-SETTING CANDLE: Experience positive vibrations with the meditation candle. Compact and ideal for on-the-go, take time to sit, ignite and release negative energy for true serenity.

CLEANSE THY SOUL: Elevate your vibration and cleanse your space with the protection candle to attract positivity and desired outcome through smudging making room for a new intention in mind.

GIFT OF POSITIVE INFLUENCE: The Magnificent 101 purification aromatherapy candle, a thoughtful gift for you or loved ones, is an ideal addition to the energy-cleansing and intention-setting routine.

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