Gratitude x Manifestation Journal #180DaysChallenge

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Do you know what is the best way to predict your future? Everything starts with a thought. Thoughts become emotions, and ultimately they become your reality. Your current reality is the result of what you have believed and felt, manifested into the present.

For this reason, when you look around, you’re really looking at the thoughts you have held in your mind in the past. What you are thinking and how you are feeling today is creating your future, which means where you are in your mind is where you will go in your life. There is power in naming and claiming your dreams, because imagination and intention are the preview of your future. By truly observing and addressing yourself and the life you live, you can shape everything in your life.

In this way, you will find that there is certain magic the Universe operates when you believe in your dreams. By changing today's predominant beliefs and emotions, you can change the manifestation of the future in your favor, which makes you the master of your life. The purpose of this guide + journal is for you to massively transform how you think in order to manifest limitless abundance.

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