Magnificent101 was founded by Instagram mindset influencers Martina Montana @xomartinamontana and Nacho Galarraga @nachomad, next generation thoughts coaches teaching how to channel and interact with the energy of the Universe.
As manifestation practitioners for over 15 years, Martina and Nacho were deeply frustrated by the lack of awareness of HOW to effectively apply the law of attraction in a way that resonates with the Universe. The root of this issue is most books about manifestation are focused on the theory and not on how to apply the knowledge. 

Magnificent101 was born to solve this problem by providing the exact frameworks to expand your mindset and shift your energy, to ultimately manifest your wildest dreams.

We are based in California, where our spiritual environment and daily contact with nature provides a powerful connection to the Universe and high vibes for the creation of all of our products.

The reason why manifesting the wildest of dreams is possible for everyone is that "everything we have achieved is a direct reflection of what we believe is possible for us", at the conscious and subconscious level.
The good news is we can infinitely upgrade our belief system! All our products are designed to help you cancel subconscious limiting beliefs and overwrite them with powerful affirmations that address your heart's desire.
All abundance starts first in the mind. Abundance is absolutely possible for anyone who adopts an unlimited mindset and truly believes that abundance is possible for them.
It's our current busy routine that makes it hard to shift beliefs or pay attention to the things we are naturally drawn to, which are the path to abundance. Urgency requires we shut down intuition! As a result, we become unaware of the energy surrounding us.
We want to help you start connecting daily with your intuition, inner strength and most powerful energy source (your heart´s desire) so that you can become the person you are meant to be.
We are proof that even the wildest dreams can be achieved by building a strong connection between your heart's desire, your beliefs and your thoughts. You will find that when you start believing in what is possible for you, everything around you will start to change. You will feel refreshed, positive energy coming into your life. You will experience first-hand how energy is contagious.
We are thrilled to invite you to tap into the power of our Universe and manifest your wildest dreams. 
Welcome to your high vibe life!