Martina Montana

Martina is a manifestation coach on a mission to elevate humanity, one person at a time. She is obsessed with living the high vibe life and empowering people to unleash their inner magic.

As a High Vibrational Lifestyle Expert, she is a lifelong believer in a universal energy and ancestral intelligence pulling us towards our most genuine, impactful vision. She has experienced first-hand how success gets multiplied when we offer extraordinary value to the world. 

Her manifestation mindset has helped her achieve massive success, beyond all possibilities and time frames. Since all abundance starts first in the mind, canceling subconscious limiting beliefs and getting in touch with the heart's desire can literally make anything possible. "Alignment becomes aligned action, which beats strategy, every single time" is her signature phrase.

She is committed to helping people tap into the power of their own gift and creativity. "If we could get even a few people to become aware of what they have to offer to the world and make the impact they were naturally designed to make, we would change the world", she says.

She created Magnificent101 for people who are obsessed with taking their life to the next level, breaking through their limiting beliefs, and manifesting a reality more fulfilling than their wildest dreams.

This lifestyle takes commitment and effort, but it is beyond worth it.

You can learn more about Martina Montana by following her on Instagram at @manifestationjunkie

Ignacio Galarraga

Ignacio is a lifelong believer in the power that each of us hold inside. A power so strong its energy is endless, and yet to be fully explored.

He began doing triathlon at the age of 27, and his life was forever changed after: he got to know the power of the mind. With triathlon, he realized that mind and body are connected, with the mind at its epicenter. He became aware of the fact that endurance during a race isn't only about good physical condition, but about the mind supporting the body.

His personal transformation journey began with meditation and yoga, when he suddenly found himself surrounded by a new kind of energy. An endless, clean, powerful and revitalizing energy. His practice to strengthen the mind went from weekly to daily, from a plus in his training to the most powerful habit in his life.

23 years later, Ignacio decided to co-found Magnificent101 with the purpose of helping people tap into the power of their own minds and transform their lives. He believed life is like a triathlon, a seemingly endless path towards our most genuine vision, with beautiful moments and also hard days (where we need to push even harder!).

With all the knowledge gathered from his years practicing from triathlon through yoga, kundalini and meditation, Ignacio discovered the secrets to a powerful mind and shares them through every single Magnificent101 creation. "When the mind speaks genuinely, the Universe listens" he says.

You can learn more about Ignacio Galarraga by following him on Instagram at @nachomad