These are Our Premium Products

Vision Board Kits

Create a board that displays your personal success vision. Feel yourself in the future you design and you will attract it.

Fridge Vision Board Kit

Get one more chance to visualize your dream life every day and accelerate manifestation.

"Place your order with the Universe" Sheets

Allows every member of the family to set their intentions and declare them by sharing them in the fridge. This way, you will support each other in your personal journeys.

Gratitude x Manifestation Journal

Become more grateful as you make your vision of your dreams more clear every day. Start anywhere, anytime #180DaysChallenge.

Fridge Gratitude x Manifestation Journal

Set your intentions for the day while you have breakfast or while you cook later in the day.

Fill in the Blank Manifestation Candles

Light a candle for gratitude or manifestation. Fill in the blank what your reason to be grateful or intentions are.