Magnificent Checks!

What specific amount of money would you like to manifest into your life in the next 30 days? It should be an amount of money that is both exciting and that you can believe in. Once you manifest your starter checks, you can move on to larger sums of money and so on.

Envision your checks as if they belonged in the past, believe you have already cashed them.

SURRENDER THE HOW. You are co-creating you life together with the Universe. Set a strong intention and the Universe will show you the way. 

Place your order with the universe!

Since we are devoted to helping people just like you achieve their dreams, we would like to gift you our “PLACE YOUR ORDER WITH THE UNIVERSE!” magnet design as a sheet. Print it, complete it, stick life-goals picture on top of it, and stick to your fridge.

You will get one more chance to visualize your dream life every day and accelerate manifestation.

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