Intention Setting Tips x Manifestation

Embarking on the manifestation journey while staying in alignment with our highest selves isn't like waving a magic wand. It's a spiritual path towards uncovering and living our truth, where a natural flow towards success is inevitable.

Repeating affirmations is the most powerful manifestation practice to shift your mindset towards your highest self and help you uncover your most genuine intentions in the process. 

Below we have put together a selection of the most powerful affirmations to start this practice:

  • I have the power to shift my thoughts and raise my frequency to attract the most wonderful things in life.
  • My mind is focused and I am ready to receive positive outcomes from the Universe.
  • I attract positive people, positive opportunities, and positive outcomes every single day.
  • My positivity and powerful intentions create a surge of energy, turning my dreams into reality.
  • I am a magnet for positivity, abundance, and blessings.
  • We all deserve to live life in abundance.

These affirmations work great to overwrite limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and start thinking big when it comes to our personal growth, but it's important to also elaborate your own for the specific outcomes you are seeking.

Here are our main tips to customize or create your own affirmations:

  • Stay positive in your saying. Instead of " I don't want" or "I want to change", state "I attract" or " I am". Visualize your desired outcomes as a done deal.
  • All abundance starts in the mind and success is about who you become getting there. If you are looking to attract something physical, it's crucial to attract the mindset first. Instead of stating "I want to attract this or that car", affirm "My skills & creativity are so valuable I always have more than enough money".
  • Feel free to have conversations with the Universe. Thank the Universe and claim your desires in these conversations. Remember that we are made of energy! We create and manifest what we communicate to ourselves and the Universe.

Repeat these phrases while burning our energy cleansing and intention candles.

Burning candles
is a magnificent ritual that sends out positive energy and intentionality to the Universe, who will inevitably match your energy.

As you follow these tips, have certainty that you are setting yourself up for success by embarking on a path towards a mindset shift and ultimately the manifestation of your wildest dreams.

Always remember to thank the Universe when your desires manifest into your reality.