How to create a Vision Board and manifest it, step-by-step.

A Vision Board is the most effective visualization tool to get aligned with your intentions and start manifesting them. We have received so many questions on how to use and enhance our Vision Board Kit, so here it goes ✨

All abundance starts first in the mind. Creating a sacred space that displays your dream life actually does bring it to life because "what we focus on, expands". When you create a harmonious bulletin board that displays your personal success vision and hang it in a space where you see it often, you essentially end up doing short visualization exercises throughout the day.
First, start when you feel more connected to your inner power and at peace (this is valid for all manifestation practices!). Find the time of the day where your energy levels feel rooted to the earth, for many this might be early mornings or late evenings under the moonlight.

Light a candle and play some Shamanic or Kundalini Music in order to relax your mindset. Make sure you enter into a manifestation state of mind.

Start by reading the Vision Board Booklet to get clear on how the mind works for manifestation and use it as a guide towards defining your most genuine desires. Fill in all the blanks to assess your life and create your intentions in a way that resonates with the Universe (our guide will help you learn to do it).

Open the bulletin board and lay the board flat. This is a Positive Energy Map designed to be completely covered with images. Using it as a guide to pin images can help enhance the law of attraction.

Take out the cards and charms, and go through them thoroughly. You will find transformational fill in the blank cards created by specialists in cognitive and new thought psychology to help you get into alignment with your desired outcomes. Pay attention to which ones attract your attention since your intuition will lead you toward your desires; you may find images of goals you hadn't even realized you wanted to manifest!

After going through all the cards and charms, choose the ones that you felt most connected to. We recommend choosing approximately 10 cards. You can later edit as you accomplish the goals.

Pin your images to the board on the section that defines the image better. You can hang the amulets as well or carry them around to recall good thoughts and speed up manifestation. You can wear the red ribbon as a prosperity bracelet.

Place your Vision Board in a space where you will see it often and you will essentially end up doing short visualization exercises effortlessly.

You can edit and customize your Vision Board as often as you feel like it. You will know when you are done each time because it will feel harmonious to you.

Don't forget to thank the Universe once you have finished doing the Vision Board and especially with each manifestation. Remember you are always on the right path.
Sending high vibes that speak louder than words!

Your coaches @Magnificent.101